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I’m a mother to Two little girls who are totally different! My ten year old is so delicate, sweet, caring, and very interesting little girl who hates pants but loves to flip, turn upside down on monkey bars in a skirt. (So she’s always in shorts or leggings) Then I have my hellian who screams and yells anywhere, tells you what’s on her mind, doesn’t back down, but loves to kiss and hug on me to say “mommy I love you”, three year old! Whew, I hope that gives you some insight into my world! 
Lastly, yet importantly I have my humble, sh*t talking, supportive, sneaker obsessive husband!   When I say opposite attracts to the eye, that’s us! But we’re alike in so many ways! my blog is to inspire, inform, and motivate mothers in all areas of life from fitness, motherhood, marriage, and of course…education with young children! 
Please feel free to email at amommyscorner@gmail about interesting topics, questions, partnerships or collaborations!