20 Activites for Kids during colder months

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

A few months back the girls were out of school because of Hurricane Dorian. I thought I was coming home to a peaceful evening on the couch…wishful thinking, right? The girls opened the gates to crazy town!

At that moment I thought I should create a list of activities that we could do when it starts to get colder outside! I realized the more I keep them busy the less likely they will try to take each other’s heads off. My house will go from zero to a thousand REALLY quick!!!

• DIY Playdough

• 750-piece puzzle

• Game night, just dance, Uno, Simon says, Twister

• Make Air Popcorn, Carmel popcorn and a movie

• DIY fall/holiday centerpiece with the kids

• Paper airplane flying game

• Indoor camping

• Balloon Tennis

• Hopscotch

• Friendship bracelets

• Spa day

• Make various kinds of slime

• Story time tent

• Scavenger hunt

• Morning Crafting (finger painting, scrapbooking, etc)

• Make desert

• Cook a meal together

• Hide and seek

• Create a Giant Gingerbread Man

• STEM challenge (loose parts: cut sponges, clothespins craft sticks, branches, cups etc)

If your children are like mine, busy bodies, this list will keep you remain sane during these colder months.

I have created a list for activities that will make all our weekend lives easier! I know mine will be!

All these activities can be tailored to their specific interest and developmental needs.

If you have some ideas, please share! I need to keep these girls busy! I am sure another Mommy needs suggestions as well.

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