4 tips to prepare for the new normal: Virtual Learning!

After having my daughter's kindergarten orientation virtually I knew I was in a brand new territory and I needed to gather my life before we set out to start this new school year. Preparing myself for the new normal is abnormal! But what is normal this year?

Last year, we were usually in stores back to school shopping, finding the best deals, and trying to get ourselves back in a school routine. After thinking about myself I said I know I am not the only Mommy feeling a little uncertain about preparing yourself for the new normal: virtual learning. I hope by reading these 4 tips it will help you make the transition into TeacherMommy easier.

1) Grace: give yourself that space to understand this is new, we don’t know what expect and you’re not the only parent that’s clueless, but we will all figure it out. On the job learning!

2) Set a schedule for yourself:- summer relaxation is over. It’s time to get the kids up, get them fed, and on the laptop for their first class. Rushing in the mornings to get to school is a thing of the past. Creating a schedule for yourself will create downtime for yourself later in the evenings.

3) Don’t become a robot- live in the moment! In what lifetime will we ever have a chance to make learning how we want it to be? How often are we included in our child’s day during school? Virtual learning is another bonding time to actually know how smart our babies really are.

4) Find quotes for yourself- rather you are working from home or doing virtual learning around your work schedule, you will have to reshape your mental state. Having no days off is a real thing! Finding a quote for the week or daily will give you that boost to make it to the following week! Find that inner motivation

Mommy’s we are entering a new era of learning, everyone is depending on each other with answers! Make virtual learning a great memory, not just for the children but for yourself as well!

I have school-aged children, kindergarten and seventh grade, am I worried, hell yea, but I’m going to make the best of it by preparing myself for the new normal: virtual learning.

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