4 types of Parents in ChildCare

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Looking for childcare for your children is very dauting, scary and imposes an uncertain feeling on the place that best fits the needs of your child(ren) and family.

I am here to give the inside scope on how to find perfect childcare setting for your children. Before I start, I want you to understand how finding the best childcare setting is one of the most important decision you can make.

Each parent is different and focuses on various things when touring potential centers. With that in mind I have four types of parents and your center choice should either encompass every type or at least two of parent types that meets your needs as a family.

If you never have thought about this, think about the questions that you have ask providers, then think about their responses and how satisfied you are with the choice of childcare you have chosen.

Parents seek childcare based on the following: health and safety, education, new to group care, or lifestyle parents. I will explain each parent type, then I want you to think about questions of your own to ensure the childcare center meets your expectations and needs.

Health and safety focuses parents- These kind of parents ask mostly about cleanliness, how often are the toys and linen are cleaned, what is the sick policy, they will also ask about hygiene of the teachers, how often are hands washed, who enters the classroom, they want to ensure the security of the building, if there are door codes, policy and procedures for lock downs and emergencies. Lastly, they want to know about playground safety and if the age groups play together.

Education focused parents want to know about lesson plans, are the teachers certified in education, how ready will their child(ren) be ready for elementary, wanting to know if their child to write, what enrichment programs do you have, and how often is language skills are encouraged (story time).

Lifestyle focused parent- these are the parents that want to know about the menu, they want to know if the children are making friends for potential play dates, involved in parent groups, not a lot of teacher and parent interactions because the parents are on tight schedules due to work or other outside events, how much physical play involved in a day, really focused on business hours, and other things that is specific to their family.

New to group care focused parents - they are so green, they think childcare centers can swaddle babies, they have all of the rocking and the swinging toys at home thinking the childcare center has the same devices, they think the rules and policies do not apply to their family.

The advantage of identifying which parent you are, you will know how to pinpoint questions to ask, the childcare center will know you have done your research and they will know exactly how to meet your family needs.

Any childcare setting that you choose you will always make the decision based on your comfort level when you leave your tour. Your comfort place is based on which parent you are and what is most important for the development of your baby.

If you want to know the best questions to ask while on childcare tours besides the standard questions, comment below, I can give you the perfect questions to ask based on your needs.

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