4 ways to show Self-Care Love on Valentine’s Day

1) Writing on the Mirror or Post it sticky: I love to write on my mirror, I love to write affirmation for myself, I love writing my to do list, goals and leaving messages for my husband! On Valentine’s Day find yourself a wonderful loving quote focused around yourself, your goals and what inspires you everyday. Get creative use various colors and drawings, create a mirror mural. You will feel great afterwards.

2) Book a Spa day: Valentine’s Day is a very busy Spa day and weekend, beat yourself to the punch! Buy yourself a gift certificate or find a facial or a deep tissue massage on Groupon and go anytime that you need a Mommy Moment.

3) Order Food on Valentine’s Day: I am doing this for my family, a stress free night for us at home! I am not sure exactly where, but plan ahead. I am sure everywhere will be ridiculous.

4) Unplug from social media: (even for a few hours) everybody and they Momma, literally will be posting superficial items as if they don’t get love any other day! Show how important and what quality times looks like to your family!

Leave a comment on how you plan to show yourself some care and love on Valentine's Day!

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