5 things to do on Valentine’s Day at home with your children

(preschool age to 5th grade suggestions)

1. Make Slime: I don’t care that much for slime but my children love it! I think using themed related supplies will make it more interesting for them. Check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tte1EiFk4M&t=6s&pp=1

2. Minute to Win it game: Valentine’s Day Word Scribble or Word Search- of course the more readers you have the more fun it will be, I’ll let you think of the prize! Lol

3. Baking- Usually we bake cakes or cupcakes, this year we will decorate wafer cookies. Easy set up and easy clean up! I will get the pink wafer cookies and themed colored cake toppings.

4. STEM Activity: Marshmallow Structures: I like to incorporate STEM learning as much as possible. I going to get some heart shaped pink marshmallows and tooth picks for them to create their own structures. I might make it very competitive between my husband and I! give the children something to laugh at.

5. Movie Night- Red Box, On Demand, or Netflix- Soak up this quality time with your children! order their favorite foods: a Chick- Fil- A patter, Pizza, or even Cheesecake Factory, whatever they enjoy, place the order ahead of time, make this V-Day as stress free as possible

Let them load up on all the sweet treats and stay up late, it’s almost Friday anyhow!

(if you are interested in infant and toddler fine motor or sensory ideas for Valentine’s Day, comment, or send me an email, I will give you suggestions)

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