Are you showing Appreciation to your children’s Teachers?

Teacher Apperception Week/ Month is a really big thing in the education field. It’s the time of the month that teachers look forward to being celebrated. It’s the time of the month that teachers feel like the parents will show how thankful they are with gifts for being a positive role model in their children lives.

Being in any educational settings takes a very nurturing, patient person with a special interest in education and children that some parents don’t always understand. Teachers are educator’s, peer mediators, guidance counselors, mentors, role models, a comfort zone, and a lot of other attributes that parents don’t see everyday.

The Early Educated field, a foundation for education is where the grunt work is put in. Infancy up to the year before kindergarten is a really big deal. These are the years when milestones are accomplished, infant feedings, crawling, potty training, positive social and emotional development, cognitive and language development. Teachers in Early Education are assisting your children reach these milestones in classrooms with 10-18 other children.

Elementary teachers not only have to teach general education but this is also the age of autonomy. Children are starting to become aware of their own self; self esteem, self worth, peer relationships, respect, accountability and responsibility. Your child’s teacher is your partner during school hours along with 18 other parents.

I know how my high school years were, the kind of student I was and my Momma made me give gifts to my teachers. That’s a territory that I don’t know as a parent or as an educator.

Teacher appreciation is the celebration for educators, a thank you card, flowers, lunch, etc, goes a long way with teachers.

When your children come home with their teachers favorite things, don’t pick it apart, instead get creative, put a small appreciation basket together with a $5-$10 gift card to their place of choice, their favorite candy, some stationery items, and a thank card that is not pre written to say why you appreciate them.

If you have multiple children with multiple teachers, trust me, the teachers are also understanding this can get costly! Don’t break the bank, just show your gratitude with a thank card and a pack of copying paper!

Show the teachers in your child’s lives some appreciation. May 6th- May 10th, they’ll be very grateful.

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