Christmas Decor on a budget (Dollar Store finds)

I think the DIY fairy has sprinkled her dust on me at the perfect time of the year, Christmas.

I love to see people houses decorated, breakfast bars and table settings with festive décor. I just never put forth the effort until NOW!

I am a sucker for pretty holiday décor, and Pinterest. A great combination, right? I was just scrolling up on Pinterest looking at something totally different. Then I saw “dollar store cute and cheap DIY décor” on a tile. Welp that’s all I need to read. I went on a binge search for dollar store DIY décor.

I found a few projects, but one stood out to me, a wine glass candle holder. Elegant, simple and so cute. Putting everything together was simple, making the decisions on which wine glass to purchase and which floral design I wanted took more time than actually making it.

Items to buy:

· 2 charger plates (colors of your choice)

· 4 wine glasses (depending on the look you’re going for, get various styles with various heights)

· Glitter like flowers and floral pieces

· Glue gun if you don’t one you can find one for as cheap as $8

· Small textured ornament (colors your preference)

How to put it together:

· Place the wine glasses on the plate to see where you want them sit

· Do the same thing with the flowers

· Fill the wine glasses one at a time with the ornaments

· Hot glue each filled glass down onto the plate, one at a time

· Glue the flowers down

You can add your candles once everything dries. I have timed candles; I highly recommend them. No wires and no flames. I put them on a timer and don’t have to worry about my light bill or the kids playing around a lit candle.

This simple DIY project became a mommy and me DIY project as my oldest wanted to put it together. She did an awesome job at filling the wine glasses, using the hot glue for the flowers and securing everything down.

My daughter and I are very happy and excited about the turn out and how guest is so interested in our project! I might be a little happier than her, low key.

I also made a pinecone light vase. Not sure where to put it and if I’m finished. I had three boxes of unopened pinecones. I’ll figure out something to do with them!

There are so many more DIY projects on Pinterest, I newly created a board for them. Make sure to check out my Holiday Décor Board.

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