Covid-19 and A Working Mommy Surviving Kit!

Covid-19 has some parents out here worried and stressed out about what to do with their kids! Let’s be clear, I was worried about my kids as well, not because they’ll be at home with me like a majority of mommy’s, but because I’m still actually working in my office! How in the world am I suppose to create a tight schedule and expect it to be followed? That’s impossible! So! To lower my stress levels, I created a Covid-19 working Mommy Surviving Kit!

1.I set out prepackaged bags of chips, filled the cereal canister with a small measuring cup so my 5 year old can scoop her cereal out. I put her milk in her water bottle so she can fix her own cereal for breakfast or if she wants a snacks during the day. My oldest daughter isn’t a big morning eater, she’ll fix her hot coco and grab some fruit. 2. I’m waking them up as I’m getting ready for work.. Washing face, brushing teeth, putting on lounge cloths and having breakfast. If not, my preteen will sleep ALL day, and my busy body will be messing in if she hasn’t already tried to dye her Barbies hair with markers! 3. I’m usually out the house by 7. day is set, I know they’ve eaten and they’re dressed just in case they step out somewhere. 4. I have set various time reminders on my pre teens iPad to reminder her when it’s time to start working on her project or taking a screen break and what she will need to be doing during her no screen time break. During this no screen time she will work independently on her school projects, school related work or working on her 150 piece puzzle. 5. I’m trying to keep their covid-19 schedules as close to the school schedule as possible. Both of the girls eat around 11 at school. So guess what! it’s lunch time! I’ve shown my pre teen her lunch options and how to set the toaster over for each item. I’ll let her decide what she wants. I’m going to keep packing lunch for my little one so she can grab and go with her lunch box from the fridge.They both can take their times enjoying lunch, they have until 12. 6. My youngest has her naps at school after lunch so guess what time it is! Rest time! No screen time at all! If you don’t rest you don’t go outside when I get home! This is a 2-3 hour time frame. The preteen will work on her project again, a book or done more assignments in Google Classrom, if she doesn’t go to sleep. I’m very confident she will sleep! 7. At 3, they can have the screens back. I’m usually home by 4 and that’s when we will keep our night time routine. Going outside, playing just dance, cook together, or bring out one of the many kits they have in the closet out and work on it together. 8. Since my gym is closed we will do some yoga from YouTube or long walks outside. 9. Then the finale! Baths, books and educational stuff! My 5 year old in pre-k will keep her letter of the week activities, and Alexa will work on school related materials, yes! My girls will be in night school! Lol! 10. Oh Yes! We’re keeping the same bedtime! Remember, they have to get up early!! I don’t have a strict time schedule because of course who wants to be micromanaged while there’s “no school”? Let’s be mindful, I have a pre teen here! It’s better for me to relax during this time and not get so caught up in a tight schedule because I’m not home to help guide the day. There’s enough panic in the world right, I’m A Working Mommy surviving covid-19, and school is out. This is enough!

If you are still working while school is out, share with us in the comments on how you are surviving covid-19!

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“A working Mommy surviving Covid-19 Kit!”

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