Did you know your monthly cycle plays a part in your weight loss journey?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Love yourself even when it’s hard! You tell others “I love you”, tell yourself “I love you”... repeat after me....(insert your name, I love you)

When you’re in-tuned with someone you learn their patterns, you learn their likes and dislikes, they almost become predictable. When you’re in love you can hear and see things differently. When you become more intuitive within yourself you will notice a change in your food choice during this time of the month.

During your self-love journey, you need to be in sync with your body, your thoughts, your reactions, your likes, and dislikes for this journey to be successful.

Not knowing or understanding how your body changes during your cycle can send you on a roller coaster that you don’t need.

I know when I come on my cycle I go sugar crazy! I eat more carbs, I eat more brownies, more cakes, more fries, everything is just more! I also know my cycle is heavier on the second day and I don’t work out. As a result of being in sync, I avoid certain things but emphasize in other areas. I don't like to strength train but I'll spend more time on the treadmill.

I noticed myself snacking, I noticed myself looking for the kid's candy, I also noticed myself eating my husband's salty ass potato chips! I thought I need to take my ass to bed to stop snacking! It didn’t dawn on me until I was doing my hair, the date of the month. My snacking and hunting for sweets had an explanation! Knowing my strengthens and weakness during my weight loss journey, I know how to balance and control my cravings. Balance and control are a major key when trying to loos weight. Make sure to read this post about balance and control to learn how to enjoy food guilt-free.

When you are in a relationship with someone. you do everything to make them happy, you become a person pleaser. How often are you a self-pleaser?

I became a self pleaser, I allowed myself to have a handful of chips, walked away, and didn’t go back, I allowed myself to have a few m&m’s then I threw the bag away, I allowed myself to enjoy those indulging moments but not at the same time or on the same day. By doing so, I didn’t feel restricted, I didn’t feel I need to beat myself up about my food choices, I felt great because I was in control!

After I allowed myself, Grace, with my food choices, I was able to enjoy a bowl of fruit and continue my journey! I ate it because I was in control of my food choices! I showed myself, love! I developed a sense of control within myself to avoid negative feelings while enjoying the foods that are considered bad or cheat meals.

If you are noticing small victories, add them in the comments.

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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