Disney Obsession confirmed

Last year I was determined I was taking a trip somewhere, anywhere, just get me away was the plan.

Luckily my extended family was planning a cruise to the Caribbean’s for summer 2019. I was excited to be going somewhere that I didn't have to the detailed planning. As the time got closer and I started thinking like a mommy, I thought seven days at the sea might be a bit to much for the girls, this would be their first cruise and I was afraid they might get sick being at sea that long. Needless to say we didn’t go.

I reached out to my cousin who is a travel agent to help find us a vacation spot in Mexico, a kid friendly resort. The idea of taking my girls on a plane, getting them passport and going on a vacation, I ignored the fact that it really wasn’t my idea of kid friendly. They had a kids zone but it wasn’t a place for children but rather a place for adults that had a place for children. I wasn’t sold on this vacation, so I started looking at other resorts like the Nickelodeon resort in Dominican Republic and any place that was for kids but adults would enjoy themselves as well.

I had a light bulb moment, I said to self ...“what the heck, check out Disney”…and that’s where the obsession began! I was on my phone early morning, late at night, in the bathroom, whenever I had the time to research, I was online looking a information. I was really obsessed.

Guess what! Yes your right! Disney won! I had so much fun planning our Disney trip and the thrill of not telling the girls has me even more excited!

Make sure you check out the next post to see how I planned the perfect Disney Trip.

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