DIY Floral Arrangement

I was searching for Easter home décor inspiration on Pinterest (if you didn't know this is my go to spot for ideas!) at everything from wreaths, center pieces, wall hangings, etc. I was not finding the exact “look” that I wanted. I kept saying to myself, “I can make my own Easter setup.” The idea was planted, DIY floral arrangement.

Here’s a crazy thing to know about me, I’ll go into a craft store for what I need, somehow I’ll look around the store at other things and leave with items that I did not intend to buy for a different project! Well that happened again! I went to look at flowers and came out with Cricut iron on materials. I know right, a totally different project! Well, for this DIY floral project I went into the craft store for Cricut materials and felt. Like always I started browsing around and thinking of various projects. I went by the Easter décor and spotted a bunny table cloth in Joann’s. The Easter section has so many pretty Easter décor pieces, I had to practice self control! I’m glad I put myself on budget before I went into the store to avoid over spending. The table cloth was on sale, why not get it? That was a no brainer! While I was browsing I was trying to decide which pieces I wanted to go with my table cloth and nothing stood out to me within my budget, there were plenty of things to choose from, I just didn’t want to go over my craft budget for the day. Then all of a sudden a bouquet of flowers caught my eye! My eyes were so big and my heart melted when I saw all of the pinks and blush tone flowers. Let’s just say I stayed in the floral section for at least 35 mins picking out the flowers that I thought blended well. I had a vision and it came to life as I walked past different kinds of flowers. As I shopped around I noticed there was a sale on all flowers and I was even more excited!

After selecting my flowers, I knew I wanted a base that wasn’t clear or white or a wooden box. It took me a while to find the exact “thing”, once I found it, it was the perfect base for my vision, a tin can! Never over look the clearance sections, I found a gem that was not on the top self and it was kind of hidden. I was so excited walking up to the register because I had what I needed, everything I had was on sale and I had a coupon. Well...when she gave me my total I couldn’t use my coupon because everything I got was on sale! However my total was $ items were even cheaper than what I expected! I danced at the register while I completing my transaction because I found a bargain! Joann Fabrics has wonderful coupons and a rewards program, if you are always looking for a good sale! My experience at Joann’s couldn’t get any better as the employee gave me some hacks for my arrangements that I didn’t know to make the best arrangement, I just needed one more thing to make this arrangement have some height. The project stuff sat in the corner for a week before I pulled everything out, I needed to make sure whenever I pulled everything out I had quite time to think and my creativity mind was on! I had the best time watching my arrangement blossom into an amazing centerpiece with each flower added into the base. I am not finished with my Spring/Easter décor, I'm not sure exactly what I want to do but make sure you are following me on Pinterest and Instagram as I add pieces to my vision.

Are you adding any spring décor to your house or the yard? Share with me! I’d love to see it! I’m sure other Mommy’s would like to see as well.

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