DIY Projects for our Disney Vacation

When I finalized our trip for Disney, I was on Pinterest just about every day looking at different t shirts, hair bows, outfits, cups, pretty much everything Disney related that I could possibly make. (This is also the moment I fell in love with the cricket maker, that’s another love story that I’ll dive into later!)

Once I nailed down the perfect shirts that for us, my inner DIY project idea maker started turning! I started watching YouTube videos on distressing clothes, I was making store runs to Jo Anna’s fabric and Michaels, watching coupon sales and contacting people to help my Disney project come together.

My mom also helped my vision come to fruition. She started contacted Etsy salers and asking her coworkers as well trying to figure out our best options without spending a fortune. My Momma also was on a mission to fine soft t shirt materials for inexpensive prices. She found the best t shirts at Wal-Mart; her co-worker made the shirts and I made the shorts! Momma also made jewelry that I forgot to pack! Heart breaking, I know right!

From the time we started making plans for the shirts to actually getting them made I had to make a cheat sheet for us to remember which shirts for which day and how many shirts were needed from the store.

I found this print on Pinterest, but my Momma decided to change the words from Mickey to Minnie, and it was a huge hit all day! Even Minnie noticed our shirts and loved them!

I made character dinning reservations for the first night and the second day. Since we were having breakfast with the Princess’s it was only right for me to have the squad goals shirt! It was a coincidence that I found the rose gold earrings at the Disney store on sale before I came up with the shirt idea. Once I saw the print for the shirt, I needed to have them printed in rose gold to match the ears as much as possible.

I think my favorite out of all of our fits were the Minnie is my Homegirl outfits! My DIY skills on full display! I cut a pair of old jeans for the girls, hand stitched the cuff at the bottom and use fabric adhesive to hold down the Minnie fabric on their shorts so I could hand sow the edges of the fabric! Alexa shorts came out better than Abby’s! Good thing she wanted to wear her princess dress all day! Lol!

Don’t mind this fake smile! I made her so mad! Each day we had to wake up early and she was NOT feeling it! This was as close as I could get to a real smile instead of a frown!

Alexa and my momma really liked the matching outfits! Alexa asked each day “what are we wearing tomorrow?”…my momma wanted to take a thousand pictures! She also wanted to start a war with Abby about taking her dress off for a picture!

The only picture I didn’t get was the day we traveled back. The girls and I had on LuLu Roe Mickey Mouse leggings and white shirts! Yet another outfit that was a big hit!

Besides having the best time ever with the girls, the DIY projects were so fun, and it was all done without the girls knowing!

If you are headed to Disney, I suggest finding matching outfits! It was so much fun!

If you have already visited Disney what matching t shirts did you wear?

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