DIY Summer Camp at Home

How have you been holding up these past two month? Well I sure in hell have been holding on giving myself lots a grace these past two months as we adjust to our new normal! Covid 19 took this world by a storm, there was no planning, school closed, gym's closed, life came to a pause, everything was day by day, learn as you go few months. Now that school is out we were presented with another problem.

My husband and I agreed the girls would not go to summer camp, ok in all transparency, I said they were going to summer camp and I couldn't wait. He fussed me out and gave me the guilty mommy conversation, then I was sold. They would not be going to a summer camp but I needed to find something for them to do.

Are you trying to figure out and piece together what you are going to do for the summer with your children since most camps are closed, or if you are like me, not wanting to send your children to any summer camps?

My experience of being a teacher came to me and I created a DIY summer Camp Calendar. If you are not subscribed you must subscribe to get this free download.

Creating this calendar came second nature to me due to the fact I had to plan and implement lesson plans as a teacher and as an Educator Coordinator I often have to brain storm and help teachers with their lesson plans as well.

I L.O.V.E Pinterest! I find so many ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, and like most recipes that I have tried, all of these wonderful themed activities were found on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, and follow my DIY Summer Camp Board specifically as this is where my July and August activities will be coming from.

I am super excited about our summer together because we might be saving some money, we are being safe and I am certain this may not be my last summer hosting a DIY summer camp for the girls! Maybe we can create a scrapbook while we are at it.


All of the activities are not of my own, I gathered each activity from Pinterest. I have listed the activities with links to the original website with "how to" and needed supplies.

Have fun and make sure to use the following hashtags



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What Melts in the Sun?

Galaxy Globes

Solar System Cookies

Making Moon Rocks

Space Galaxy Painting

Make Bath Bomb

Balloon Pinta

DIY Bubbles

Pool Games

Salt Art

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