Weight loss planning. My touch it once method

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

It’s been a week, I have completed some form of exercise, I’ve stayed within points ( I use weight watchers, it’s a benefit with my employer, why not) and I’m in bed by 9:30. I’m actually feeling like I’m in control of myself, my emotions, and my food choices.

By using the Weight Watcher app, it has helped me with keeping track of my meals, portion control, and moving tracker.

If you do not have some sort of habit tracer to track your exercise, eating, or asleep tracker to ensure you are getting the "right" amount of sleep or even a food diary, I recommend you getting on because it makes you more aware of your choices,

Planning is the biggest part of weight loss. Planning your meals, workout, and water intake is highly recommende. My planning method is the touch it once. Touch it once method works for me at work, and at home.

Let me explain, at work, we say touch it once. If you don’t have 5 mins to start or look into something, don’t start a new task that takes longer than 5mins. Whatever the task is will not be completed or not completed to the best of your abilities, therefore don’t do it.

As a Mommy we are full of todo list, using my touch it once method, my days feel accomplished, especially on Saturdays.

My Saturdays are jammed packed, I had two Girl Scouts meetings, visiting Christmas lights, cooking dinner and exercising on my to-do list. In the mist of all this moving it’s either plan or make quick food decisions that are helpful.

Typically when my days are full like that, I over work myself, I over eat and its fast food. This is where the feeling of being overwhelmed comes in, this is where overeating and bad eating choices.

Instead, I planned to touch it once. I go to the grocery store after work on Fridays, instead of an early workout I meal prepared for dinner, I made breakfast and we’ll have lunch on the go...subway...I knew ahead of time what I needed to do and how to prepare to eat at subway for lunch, guilt-free.

I touched meal planning and preparing food once today. My schedule is made days in advance, I just had to plug in meals during those times.

When we came back from Christmas lights, dinner was prepared I just needed to cook the meal which did not take much time. I chose a quick dinner that would not take too much time after a long day. I touched it once. I knew what we were having for dinner, it’s prepared I just need to cook it. Bam, dinner was done, no questions, no standing for long hours cooking and we had better food choices.

When I plan ahead, I plan down to the detail, including times of day, leaving room for adjustments. The goal is to get the important things done and understand my Saturday workout can be pushed to another day that’s not so compact with things to do.

Planning my day by detail, Sunday’s dinner was in the fridge prepped for cooking, leaving me with more time to commit to my workout On Sunday!

Make sure to touch it once with a plan is the key!

Being a person on the go with a busy schedule, finding the time to meal prep, go to the grocery store, takes dedication to tracking and planning!

Reflection: When our children are in extracurricular activities, or you have a presentation, or you’re planning a date night for you and your husband, how much planning goes into those events? If you answered ”there is a lot of plannin involved“ to the question, then there’s proof you have time to plan for yourself.

If you are guilty of not planning for yourself this week, it’s ok, when you know better you do better. Self love is a journey! there still time, get started.

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Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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