Fall Self Care List

Back to school also means it’s time to dive into this self care before Christmas time! Then it’s back to the kids again! I know I’m not the only Mommy that thinks like this! I consider it planning ahead! Lol!

I am going to list a few things that are on my self care radar this fall!

1) Try a new hairstyle- it’s so easy to stick to what you’re comfortable with. For me it’s a silk wrap or braids. After having children it’s something about me that I have to change my look often. I’ve cut my hair, I’ve been natural, I’ve relaxed my hair, I’ve colored my hair, I’ve done ponytails, now I’m getting into this bundle life. This is so out of my comfort zone! Trying something new and out of my comfort level for me! Change is sometimes needed and I am sure hubby will appreciate this new look as well.

2) Create a fitness routine, and stick to it!-I missed the whole Hot Girl Summer wave! My busy schedule between home and work didn‘t allow me to prepare for summer. The next wave I will be ready!

Reality is my work schedule is so flexible that I changed my hours daily based on what I wanted or didn’t want to do. I have changed that so I can be consistent with myself. I have also been stricter with afternoon routines to make sure we’re not up late doing homework, starting bedtime routine earlie, having time to enjoy the girls and not having late dinners. The responsibilities at home sometimes burn me out so I make up excuses why I can’t be consistent with a routine. Thinking of my self, I can’t live like that any longer.

3) DIY home projects- I want to get into doing some DIY projects for the house! I figured since it will be getting cooler, mean less time outside. I might as well get cozy with a project or two with the girls.

4) Try a new adventure- once the NC state fair is over, I really don’t do anything. This fall I am going to try a few new adventures, one with just the girls, one as a couple, one with my girls and one just for me!

Finding time for myself to do the things I want are becoming a mandatory thing for me! If I’m not good, I can’t make sure those around me are good. Sounds selfish or selfles? I’m super excited about my Fall self care list!

How much do you care about yourself to make you a self care list? What’s in your Fall self care list? Please share with me, I might need to add somethings.

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