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August of 2019 I took the girls to Walt Disney World, we had shirts made, we had fast passes with personalized wristbands, we ate in the royal castle, this was the trip of my parenthood! Who doesn’t want to take their children to Disney World?

While I was packing my clothes a few self conscious moments appeared and the thought of packing a body shaper crossed my mind. The thought lived shortly but consistently on my mind. I was taking a trip with my girls who could careless of how I looked, I repeatedly told myself “if I can’t be comfortable in my own skin then who am I?” So I didn’t pack my shaper, also the thought of having that body armor on in Florida, in the heat was NOT my kind of vacation! I thought to myself I can just suck in my gut and I’ll be fine.

Well…..LOL….there were a few pictures that I wish I had my body shaper! I was NOT comfortable in my skin! Let me make myself clear, I didn’t fat shame myself during the entire trip, I enjoyed every moment with my girls, I wasn’t concerned about my body then! However, when it was time to look back at the pictures that’s when I was like WTF!

One picture in particular, my mother posted on Facebook and I self criticized myself so bad, I was so mad she posted that picture. I was embarrassed , I was sad, I was a mess! This picture was my favorite with my favorite Disney Princess, Tiana and my girls! I couldn’t enjoy the picture because I looked like flubber in white! (Only I can make these comments!)

If any woman doesn’t nick pick at their bodies post child birthing, I admire you. Any woman that will admit they could improve on their body, then keep reading this is for you!

I can honestly say I hated my body! That picture exposed me more than what I wanted to see!

A month later I got out of my self pity party and made a change. I felt like I had tried everything to loose weight and nothing work. Could’ve been 80% me, but I knew I needed something different to make a satisfying difference.

I started my membership at Orangetheory Fitnees, I went to the informational class, started my membership and I’ve been going since September 2019. I’m not going to sale Orangetheory, I’m just sharing what is working for me.This is the longest fitness program I’ve ever stayed with, and I’m noticing a difference!

Going to the studio has turned into my outlet to release and relax, I look forward to my classes, and I schedule my classes at least two weeks out to ensure I have the classes that fit with my schedule. My weekends have to be flexible enough for me to make it to classes as well.

It’s the beginning of 2020, living a healthier lifestyle is on everyone’s goals list! Well, let’s take this journey to a healthier fitness lifestyle together, join me on Instagram to follow my journey and get the Mommy Motivation that you need!

Let’s get busy in #Mommysfitnesscorner together!

If living a healthier lifestyle is your goal, no matter where and when you start, share one thing you plan to change now!

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