Grits & Biscuits in New York

Are you looking for a good old school block party?

Are you looking for a rooftop party?

Are you looking for a party that you can be casually cute?

Grits and Biscuits on the Pier is just what you need! I got to experience the best rooftop party on Pier 17 in Manhattan, New York with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, the location and view was amazing!

I think this was the best Grits and Biscuits I’ve been to for several reasons. Besides it being on the rooftop, there were a few performances by Pardi Fontaine, Casanova, OG Genesises and Rick Ross. The Grits and Biscuits in NC hasn’t had guest before, not that I can remember. I felt all of the Nippsey Hustle love when OG started Crip walking To his song, and I felt the Brooklyn love when they did the Biggie tribute! I was screaming Brook-lyn like I was born and raised there too. I think in my previous life I lived in New York! Let me just say Grits and Biscuits was nothing less than amazing!

I was just in awe by the love of music and our cultures bond over music! It was good vibes from the beginning to the end. Have you ever been at a party and watched people from the DMV area get excited about GoGo music! That’s how I felt when everyone there was dancing and rapping to all of the down south southern music! I was a proud southern girl at that moment!

One of the major highlights for the night was swag surfin' with the crowd. Every time you’ve swag surfed with your bestie it will not top swag surfing with the Grits and Biscuits flag waving in the air and everyone in sync with the music! I was so caught up in the moment that I couldn’t record this wonderful experience. It's one of those "you had to be there" moments to get the full effect. Swag Suffering was better than watching everyone doing the electric slide and dancing to before I get you go by Beyoncé. I guess it’s safe to say she’s officially the ending song of the night, no more Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Did I travel just for Grits and Biscuits? I sure did! Best sold out experience ever! Yes! One of my most memorable moments! I met a girl from Milwaukee there, so I wasn’t the only person who traveled to Grits and Biscuits on the rooftop! I think next time we might stop in Vegas with Grits and Biscuits!

If you’ve never been to Grits and Biscuits, it’s a must! My ONLY requirement, you must wear flats!

•disclaimers- this is the opinion of my own and my personal experience.

This not an ad or a sponsored post. It’s intended for every person that reads this but specifically for my Mommy's Corner Tribe that’s looking for a good night out.

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