Happy One Year Blogiversary!!!

I cannot believe I have made it to one year of blogging!!! Trying to maintain this blog, social media, balancing home and work really requires some major dedication! Let’s just say I enjoy having my passion project as my outlet from home and work, and I am looking forward to learning and growing more!

Within the first year I have learned a lot, I was frustrated, confused and determined to make this blog work, and I never stopped trying. I have grown to like, love and enjoy my blogging journey.

I created a list of things that I’ve learned during my first year of blogging!

1) Don’t over analyze- I tend to over think things, it’s so not that deep! I worried to much about how “perfect” things were, are my graphics appealing, and will others like the content that I am putting out. enough to engage with me. Well the wonderful thing about a passion project, aka your blog, it is your idea and you make it how you want it. Someone is looking for your blog post and not everyone wants to be chatty patty!

2) Just do it! There are levels to blogging! I started a blog about three years ago. I got as far as one post and picture and I gave up! I was more concerned about a name, the website host, what my website looked like and what I want to cover aka my niche, that I OVER ANALIZED myself out of blog. Do I beat myself up about it? HECK YEA…All the time! Just start! Obviously, you have an idea about what you want to cover on your blog, your “niche” will come. Hell, I am still working on mine, but I have also been blogging for a year. Do you get it? Just start! As you start creating content, your niche will become more defined which leads to more blog post, then focus on your craft!

3) Do not compare- Blogging is a real thing, blogging is a lifestyle, a full time business! Unless you have the best mentor that can spoon feed you all the tips and tricks of a successful blog, you will have to start from the bottom and grow. O.M.G. I obsessed how in the world could I be like some of the Mommy Bloggers, almost to the point that I gave up! It's a wonderful thing I just don’t give up that easily! I used other Mommy Blogger as INSPIRATION! Goals of what hard work and dedication looks like! No matter what you decide to cover on your blog, remember this is your passion project, other people have blogged for years and you can inspire to grow as well. I am new in the blogging world; how would I expect to know everything? It’s impossible!

4) Organizing- I consider myself to be organized, blogging organization is something totally different that I had to learn and maintain. Finding the flow to write content, create marketing campaigns, publishing the content on my blog as well as on social media, takes a lot of planning! At first, I was not working with a system, then I created weekly goals, and now my goal is work a month in advance. I am getting better, but I know there is a lot of room to grow within my planning, creating and publishing blogging cycle.

5) Seek Resources- Holy Moly, there are so many paid and free resources out there to help your blog. As researched varioustopics, I found it to be fun and very useful. What works for one blogger may not be to your liking. I always feel like a kid in the candy store when I have researched something else to make my blog successful! Etsy is a good resource, I just learned about co-planning from a blogging startup group that I am in, cava, and word swag, community groups, facebook groups, other bloggers, etc. Use all resources rather it is paid, free, suggested or recommended.

Tip: some bloggers will share their knowledge, some won’t. and that is ok. Some tips and trips you will have to pay for!

All of the resources that I have used or learned to use will help me in the next years to come! I have also learned to make sure all the resources are working correctly! I have a few bloopers. It’s all about the learn process.

6) Have a person to bounce ideas around with- my best friend has been my sounding board. She has been so helpful! I have come up with some any ideas that I can’t keep track. She is also my accountability partner. When I get in rut, she’ll send me ideas, she sends me encouragement to keep going and when I am frustrated, she’s there for me to rant, which leads to a new blog post! When I came up with the idea to try blogging again, she said “Do it”! Here we are one year later just doing it! My husband has also been my person to bounce ideas with, well really, he’s someone that will listen, not a lot of feedback! lol

7) Have fun! - Starting off I was so stiff; I wasn’t having fun. My personality didn’t show, my true “why” didn’t show, I was clueless, and I think it showed. Now I have gotten comfortable and confident and I have fun with my blog posts. I find blog post inspirations everywhere and that is what makes creating a blog with a passion so fun! Now My Instagram, that needs some TLC, lol!

With everything that I have learned during my blogging journey, My Blogversary year wraps up with 29, well 30 now published blog post! This is exciting not only because I never expected so many post but because Mommy’s like you are my supporters, inspirations and motivation!

Thank you for being a part of A Mommy’s Corner and growing with me!

-Audra Walker, A Mommy’s Corner Creater

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