5 ways to maintain the struggle of home and work life!

Being a working Mommy outside of the home has its own challenges, such as Stay At Home Mommy’s have their own challenges.

Stress hits a little different when you have to deal with other people’s drama and bullssshh at work, it wears you down because you know you have to switch gears to be the best Mommy you can be for your children.

Yesterday was one of those days, I had steam blowing out of my ears from dealing with rude unprofessional behaviors in the work place. I am a firm believer don’t take work home! I had to switch gears before walking in my door!

No matter what I did before I got home, my attitude didn’t change.

I took the long way home, listened to my favorite music and sat in my car before I went in the house. I was better but my gears had not switched completely.

As soon as I stepped in the house I saw dirty laundry on the floor, homework done in the bedroom and I was pissed again!

I tried to go into the bathroom to cool off but you know there’s no privacy in the bathroom when you have children. My husband was asking about dinner, my youngest wanted to whine about everything. I just wasn’t in the mood.

My husband knew I was pissed because I sat in the bathroom long enough for him to ask about my youngest about my whereabouts in the house.

My family didn’t deserve the attitude so I knew I had to fix me!

I’m going to give you five ways I switched gears to maintain work and home balance, enjoyed my family and the rest of evening. You should try these as well, your family needs you too:

1)Find someone to talk to! Better yet find an adult to fuss at to the the about the day. My husband was the MVP, he listened to me fuss about work, he didn’t say “tell me the short story”. He was an active listener. Afterward I felt like I could start my evening shift as Mommy! And I let work be work!

2) Let the night be a “Yes” night with the kids. You want to be a mermaid in the bath? Sure! You want to get your hair wet, Sure! Do you want to take all night to get ready for school tomorrow. Sure! Allowing last night be a Yes night, there was no sibling fighting, no meltdowns, no pouting lips. The night went picture perfect

3)Be silly with the kids! The girls and I laughed at knock knock jokes, I was an active listener when my oldest talked about putting a 500 piece puzzle together in the library and we watched my favorite childhood movie the The Mask.

**Inside scoop the more you try to divert the kids away the more attention they will seek.**

4)Take a warm to hot shower or bath. Don’t rush! Allow this time to wash the day away, tomorrow is a new day. Use some body scrub, wear your good smell good and put on your pretty pjs.

5)As hard as this my seem, be thankful for the confusion, pray For a new attitude and let it go! Your babies need you more at the moment!

Switching gears from work to home is mandatory. The stressors of work is not related to the little people at home that want your love and attention, even the biggest baby, your spouses don’t want the smoke from work to follow you home.

I am sure working Mommy’s deal with similar things, just know you’re not the only one! We are in this together. Make sure to find a talking buddy, it’s more about a mental and emotional release than thinking you can handle it.

If you need someone to talk to I’m here!

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