How I Jump Started My Journey

After looking at some family vacation pictures I was so upset with myself! I knew things were spreading but I didn’t know I looked like that! I knew I was always sleepy, and I didn’t want to shop for clothes, and I emotionally ate. I also knew I needed to make a change for heath related reasons and because I physically wanted to look better.

After having a deep conversation with myself, I started my fitness journey!

I am sharing the steps I took to jump start my journey.

1)Know what you want! I knew I needed to reconstruct my body, I knew surgery was not an option and I knew I needed flexibility. I knew I needed the motivation from a professional. I tried an online program, a dvd program, and creating my own fitness routine from Pinterest, clearly I wasn’t as committed as I needed to be!

2)Take a Tour- I visited some gyms, like house shopping. Know exactly what you are looking for before you head out! I had a membership at the ymca, that worked for a little while then I got bored. I had a membership at planet fitness, was clueless and got board...this time when I visited places I checked out the vibe of the places, the people who were working out, the staff and the cost of membership. Some fitness places can be very overwhelming, if I felt that at the door I turned around. You’ll know when you have found the right place, it just seems right.

3)Talk to yourself! I was in a state of frustration so I didn’t have to convince myself for the first or second month, the third month I had to do a lot of self motivation! The membership that I have is very flexible, challenging and fun! So it wasn’t the place that I was going to, it was me! I was headed into my same normal runt..”this isn’t working”. I told myself the opposite, you are going to make this work!

4)Take it moment by moment- when I tried weight loss before I obsessed over measurements and the scale! Not the best thing to do! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not doing that! I have not weighed myself or measured myself but I can see and feel a difference in my clothes, my skin, my attitude and my sleep patterns, let’s not forget energy levels.

5)Be kind to yourself- your eating patterns will change as you start in your journey. I started noticing I couldn’t eat heavy foods, spicy foods and I didn’t crave sweets as much. Which resulted with me changing my relationship with foods. I’m not very restrictive with my foods, I have cut portion sizes and my water intake was a demanding change. I am always so thirsty! Friday’s are my “cheat days”, not really a cheat day but I might have fries or treat myself to a soda or something sweet. Just not all in a day! However, if stress gets the best of me I won’t beat myself up about enjoying anything high in sugar!

6)Have fun- I don’t look at my journey as something else I need to do like a task on my to do list. I have fun thinking about how I can push myself within a month. I challenge myself! I create goals, like increasing my free weights, increasing my speed, etc. as I reached those goals I feel pleased with myself knowing I’m pushing myself. I don’t restrict myself which makes this journey fun! Enjoy the journey, think of the later, not the now!

I hope my jump start tips helps you get a jump start as well! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag #mommysfitnesscorner when you start your journey, or even creating new habits!

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