How to help lower the stress level of Virtual Learning and Working

We are in week 2 and things are starting to pick up.

I think I was able to get ahead of the chaos by knowing what to expect with my 7th grader and creating wonderful school habits for our kindergartener.

Like all working parents, we stressed about how will we do virtual learning while working.

After experiencing virtual learning a few weeks I know how to help lower the stress level of virtual learning and working.

When I get home, I give myself 45mins to an hour to decompress from work, while also giving them a time warning that we will be doing school stuff. You know once you start, you have to finish, and creating a routine at the beginning of school will create a habit that works for everyone.

I have 8 Things that have worked for me, I am sure it’ll help you as well.

1. Ease into the school work- when I get home, we act silly, I ask how their day was, let them tell me what was exciting about their day, etc. When I let them take the lead on their school day I know what areas to focus on reviewing the day. If my 7th grader is talking about science and art, then I need to hone in on ELA and math or whatever subject she didn’t talk about.

2. Set a time limit- as I decompress from my working day I tell the girls at 5 we will go over the school day. Then I give count down minute warnings. Yes, I give time warnings. Giving a time warning allows them to process it’s almost time to review for school and not jump into it. I also give school review a cut off time to enjoy other things as well. Last year there was no ipad during the school week, this year I am more lenient which has worked out better. They both are engaged during the review because they have something to look forward to afterward.

3. Not at the same time- I have a big age gap between my girls, there’s no way possible I can review the day with both of them. My 7th grader needs more time than my kindergartener, so I get started with the heavy load first. I’m juggling and multitasking as well. When the younger one is enjoying her bubbles and barbies, I have the time to review with my 7th grader. After dinner I flip, then it’s my younger child’s time to review her day and my oldest can do her thing.

4. Read all school notifications when you dedicate the time to focus on them. I usually don’t open school notifications until I’m leaving work so it’ll be fresh on my mind to review with them.

5. Know ahead of time what the night will be like. This is when meal planning and preparation becomes a whole thing. Since I know what’s for dinner I know how much time I have to review, how much time we will have to outside, baths, books, all of our nightly routines. Time management is not more important than before.

6. Have a learning space- having the girls stuff in a one-stop-shop has helped tremendously! Everything they need is within arms reach. When it’s time to review I don’t have to wait to grab things from this place or that place.

7. Know your child’s class schedule like it your own! If you know what’s going on you’re more than likely to know where to give reminders, know which class is using either of the learning platforms, and you’ll be able to offer effective guidance for your student.

8. Take your time and be kind- virtual learning is new as a parent, how do you think our children are feeling? The ones that have to live in it daily. Sometimes I often feel like how hard could this be? You did it in the fall. But in actuality, it is a hard concept for them: time management, keeping track which platform to use, and if you’re like my middle schooler, her electives rotate by the day.

I’ve learned school is not the same, I shouldn’t treat it as the same, same rules, or the same expectations. We are in a different time, more of a learn as you go environment. Reflecting on the previous week to know what is working and didn’t work will set your virtual learners up for success in the upcoming weeks.

9. Let the weekend be the weekend! When school ends on Friday, leave everything school-related there until Sunday evening.

I actually like virtual Academy I feel more involved in the learning process, I know my children’s learning style and I can take that extra needed time to break the assignments down before confusion, misunderstanding, and the feeling of being overwhelmed settle in.

After reading my tips on How to help lower the stress level of Virtual learning and working, I’m sure each week will be better than before!

How are you feeling about virtual learning and working? It’s A Mommy’s Corner, don’t be afraid to share, someone might have the same reality. We can work it together, just comment below!

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