How we prioritize our quality time

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Our relationship is built on carving out time just for us to enjoy us. During our normal routine of life we often get so busy that our relationship falls by the waistline and our patience’s for each other sometime get stretched too thin. Therefore, we make staycations, small getaways and vacations a priority.

Like most couples with children, our children are the biggest haters! When we have date nights, we’re typically on a tight babysitting schedule, we try to get the kids in bed early so we can have time with each other, and we also try to have dinner together without the kids. Sometimes that just isn’t the same quality time as going away on a vacation without the children.

This time our couple getaway was to New York for the Grits and Biscuits block party. If you are not familiar, I highly suggest you research and attend! If you like good vibes and music this is the place for you.

Not only did we travel for a block party, we also celebrated our anniversary and Father’s Day. I have to share Mother’s Day with his Birthday, so it's only right that I celebrate him with a double gift at once. If I was thinking, I would’ve thought he planned for things to happen this way! The double gift thing played out in my favor! Husband is so picky and indecisive about gifts that I said the hell with it!

I wrote him a five just page letter (and sealed it with a kiss for all of my Aaliyah fans) with a little something inside of each page.

Now don’t be fooled it wasn’t a long descriptive letter, just enough to say enough for him to get the point.

He laughed, smiled, recited something’s I said in my letter and he told me it was the best gift ever! Very simple but very thought provoking.

Bam! I did it! I envisioned his reaction and I was right!

I honestly think he thought I forgot about him! He kept making shade remarks that I laughed at because I had a plan!

Father’s Day was the best way to end our trip. We visited more tourists’ places, went shopping of course in Soho New York on Broadway and Prince, then We ended our getaway weekend with an candle lit dinner at Nas’s restaurant Sweet Chic’s.

I am starting think he low key planned things to happen this way now that I look back on it!

Rather it was planned or not, I know I enjoyed my time with him without children and I know filled his love language bucket!

The longevity of relationships depends on quality time the both of you put into each other. If you haven’t or don’t make your relationship a priority, you need to start!

Five quick ways to show quality time without taking a trip

1. Buy a blank card, write either the lyrics to your favorite song or his, a small thank you quote, or five reasons why…

2. Book an overnight staycation (try they have good deals, order food, or make it a movie night. I’ve brought my DVD player on staycations before! Make a family vision board together

3. Leave funny notes on the mirror or places that he least expect it.

4. If he’s been mentioning something he wants, gift him!

5. Take him on a date night. You’ll be surprised by the positive response by doing this!

6. *Bonus* whatever you two have in common, focus on that, a comedy show, fitness then a massage, follow his hobby, etc.

Our relationship thrives on couple quality time.

Every relationship is different, tell me how your relationships thrive.

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