It’s easier not to focus on it than to lose focus

Remember when I mentioned only touch it once? You focused on your goals for the day, your meals and your workout is planned for the day, your times of the day are pretty much planned out as well. Guess what! Your day is planned without being so focused on what you can and cannot get done today! You touched your planned events once, focused on your day, one day at a time.

When you’re not focused on the whole week, you tend to more flexible causing you not to be focused on what’s wrong, therefore you can’t lose focus on small victories!

I have been able to lose 4.6 lbs, about 1.2% of IBM. I didn’t overthink things, there was a plan for each day, there were a few times I went over my food tracker, and there were a few chips that were eaten that was wasn’t recorded. I gave myself Grace, discovered my balance, and only touched things once. I actually ate 3 times a day and worked out for 10-30 mins from my Nike app.

Overall I created a weight loss routine without noticing. It was easier for me not to focus on outside factors than to lose focus on my goals daily.

I am excited to hear the things you have accomplished in the first four weeks of our self-love journey? You can share your small victories, something you have learned about yourself, or just give encouragement to someone else that’s reading looking to start their journey

Share in the comments! My small victories are my sweatshirts that were too tight have loosened up, I have fewer pimples on my face. When I get bad it shows in my face!

Add me to your Apple Watch or to the Nike app, we can make this fun and challenging! Share your name in the comments and I will add you!

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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