Love is Blind, Love is unconditional

Remember when we were younger and our boyfriends cheated on us or lied about something? The first thing we said was “you were supposed to love me””, how can you do that if you loved me...

Guess’re supposed to love yourself how can you TREAT yourself like this. How can you order takeout that's loaded with carbs and other unhealthy ingredients and how can you order that makeshake with extra cookies or candy?

Ok a better one....girl you’re stupid if you go back you know he’s not right...

Look at yourself in the mirror...GIRL why do you keep mistreating YOURSELF you deserve BETTER!

Self Love and Self Care are ways of treating yourself better! You know better so do better, demand better for yourself.

Let’s think about this, a long day at work, stressed, your children are on 1,000 you also have to do your nightly chores, etc...what’s the first thing you do for convince or just for the pleasure, you look for comforting foods, quick unhealthy foods.

Fighting the urge to snack, and the act of not finding something sweet is HARD for me during stressful situations.

A snack won’t hurt me this time, but it does hurt. I tell myself this will not hurt me, this one time. This one time here and there adds up!

unconscious reflection moment: if you picked up a sandwich and coffee from Starbucks on your way to work- in my case, a muffin and hot tea from Starbucks, then ordered a salad and a drink from Panera then, for convenience, I grabbed something quick for dinner because my home life is so crazy.How much damage have I caused myself today?

My day is fucked, meaning no matter how much I excised yesterday, EVERYTHING I have done up until this point means nothing!

Then that’s where the downward spiraling begins, well I just messed this up, I’ll try again tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes, then there’s another spiral, then that’s where the negative bodying shaming starts to fester.

Guess what not anymore! My self-love journey means I’m more aware of my days, I’m more aware of my meals, I’m more aware of my emotions, and most importantly I’m more aware of my intentions! You are going to take better control of your days as well!

Loving yourself includes being aware of food choices and being aware of what’s going on in your life to prevent bad food choices that leads to body shaming or trying to give yourself a pass on bad food choices. Don’t enable yourself, encourage yoursel!

Love thy self and treat thy self better because you know better!!! Make sure to come back next week, each week you will learn a new method of loving yourself during your self-love journey with weight loss.

If you can relate comment below with a heart of any color. My favorite color is 💖

Graciously signed- A Mommy’s Corner


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