Loving yourself is deeper than loving someone else

Can I have your attention for just a second! If you are engaged, seriously dating, or married, the amount of love you have for your mate is a feeling that’s indescribable until you experience it, right? It’s like no other love!

The love you have for your children is another love that you can only experience.

So..how much do you love yourself?

When you find that unconditional self love that’s when and where the growth within yourself begins to flourish!

My self love journey has opened my eyes, my heart and my mind on a level that I didn’t think was possible. All this time I knew I loved myself but not as unconditional as I do now! With finding this deep love for myself, I treat myself better, I don’t go and go and go until I am exhausted, I unapologetically tell people no and when I need to, I also tell myself yes.

Creating time to enjoy yourself in different aspects of your life is showing up for yourself!

Do you extend yourself to extra-long days for your career, for your families, and possibly for friends?

Do you do things you don’t want to because it’s required of your title or duty?

Going that extra mile is also a requirement of you by yourself for yourself! You are to remain healthy in your space. Your space can be weight loss, meditation or even decluttering, let‘s not forget about Mommy guilt. Mommy Guilt is a space of its own!

If you need that extra hour to sleep, that extra 30mins to meal prep, that extra time to wing that eyeliner, or even 15mins between leaving work and going home, take that time!

We have the time, just manipulate time to work for you!

During this mini journey into self love with weight loss you should have a different peace of joy within yourself to say I did it! I worked my ass off these past few weeks and I deserve all the love that I have invested in myself!

Remember, all the love you pour into your family and your career, pour that same love into yourself! Being in love with yourself is a different kind of love that I want all women to experience.

If you have taken a self-love journey or you are beginning a self-love journey, please share some of your highlights with other women.

Graciously signed: A Mommy’s Corner, A Mommy in a corner loving on herself!

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