Magical Dinning at Walt Disney World

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Dinning with characters are a must to do when you visit Disney World! Not only will the children enjoy Walt Disney World, but the adults will too! I know I did!

When you are within your 180 day opening window for character dinning I highly suggest making a reservation with Pluto, Donald Duck, and of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Chef Mickey inside the Contemporary Resort

When our table was ready, they sat us in a different section with other families, not secluded from everyone but I think you can eat at this restaurant without the characters. Anyhow, shortly after we were seated the characters began coming out, more like a slow assembly line. Just enough time at each table for each family to get pictures and get autographs.

The characters also had a dance party with the children! They waved cloth napkins while dancing to music and invited the children away from their tables to dance. Both of girls had an awesome time! This was a wonderful way to set the expectations for the next day in the castle!

If you have little girls that are into Disney Princesses, having breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Castle should be on your Disney bucket list! Of course, Abby had on her dress, the other little girls were dressed in their favorite princess dress as well. Wait! I’m moving too fast!

This is where we met Ariel, Aurora and Snow White. Each character also came to our table to chit chat with girls, signed their autograph books and took pictures. They even took pictures with my mom and I! Yes we were that excited as well!

By the time we had our last character breakfast at Epcot with Chip and Dale, I was character dinning out! The cool part about this breakfast was the actual restaurant rotated around an attraction ride. Funny now that I look back in it, it rotated slow enough for us to complete our meal. As soon as we got back to the front of the restaurant we were finished and ready to finish exploring Epcot.

All these character dining experiences were a part of our Disney Dinning plan, Chef Mickey took one allotment per person, Cinderella took two allotments per person and the last breakfast was one allotment per person. Even more reason you should have the Disney Dinning Plan!

My only reservation about the dining experiences was the fact there were no photo pass photographers during the actual meals, which I can understand for the privacy of others. However, I would still love to see photos not taken by me with the characters.

I think the actual dining experiences were the highlight of our trip for the girls! Alexa was able to ask questions based of their shows and Abby was able to meet Disney Princesses!

When you are making plans to visit Walt Disney World, don’t skip character dinning! Remember you can reserve up to 180 days before your actual trip! It’s well worth it!

We had the best time while visiting Walt Disney World! If you are interested in visiting Disney World but unsure how to plan your perfect vacation, email me I am super excited to help you plan your vacation.


Disclaimer: everything that has been said above is the personal experience of mine and my family while visiting Walt Disney World.

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