Mastering Self Love

Each week that I come back to share my Self Love Journey with you the more I get excited!

I get excited knowing each week I find more and more peace in my crazy life because I take pause breaks, I allow myself to think about my happiness overall, I have an end goal in this mommy lifestyle...master it, not let it master me!

By mastering my self love I can deal with other personalities including the crazy people in my house! Think about it, your house is filled with different personalities. Sometimes personalities crash, you have to cater to different personalities and build personality characters.

All the more reason why you should brain dump this week and think about yourself!

This week our journal prompts will have another mix of deep thoughts about ourselves and creating a better us! When I chose these prompts I was thinking longevity. Take a look, you’ll see. Choose one and write it with the prompts from last week.

What is the best self talk sentence to makes you feel good?

Name five good habits you want to cultivate over the next month.

If you could time travel describe yourself and your lifestyle in five years

Describe yourself in ten positive words-ig post

If you notice, I chose prompts that make you reflect positively about yourself and create goals! After new year vision boards how often do you make adjustments to your goals and accomplishments?

Well guess what you are now!

I am going to describe myself in ten positive words. I feed positivity in others that I don’t speak positivity in myself often.

So here we go:









Socially Conscious

Big hearted

This is me to the “T”. If you chose a different prompt, I still want you to comment below with 10 words that describe you. I had fun finding these words it’s deeper than surface level!

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Did you realize I subconsciously created a time to practice self love? You are thinking about your goals, creating a new positive habit and thinking about yourself using positive words!

Self love and self care are sometimes just that simple.

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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