Mind Dumping is Self Love

Motherhood effect how we view ourselves, our idealism of motherhood and how we navigate our motherhood journey based on our own thoughts.

With the demands of motherhood and the idealism what motherhood should look like, so many women neglect themselves, we either over look the neglect by over compensating in other areas of their lives to avoid loving ourselves, always putting ourselves last or just simply neglecting the need of creating time for ourselves and dealing with our own shit as a woman!

When motherhood, marriage and career life gets hectic, how do you deal with your shit as a woman?

If you are need a good example of avoiding yourself and dealing with your own shit, Cranes in the Sky by Solage is the perfect song! I love the song, no shade, just a great example of what we do when we, as motherhoods avoid dealing with our own shit!

I tend to write my shit out, and leave it on the page. I am a big person on journaling. I guess that’s why mind dumping is so relaxing for me.

When I look back on my journals, those books helped me get out of deep trouble, gain understanding of certain situations and of course some deep praying and reflecting moments. Back in the day my diary was the most important thing before cell phones! Who still has their dairy from middle school? I do, don’t judge me!

This month‘s self love series is mind dumping. The greatest thing ever! Things change with age and experience. Things you wanted or needed before motherhood has changed since motherhood and sometimes that’s a hard reality to face. Our bodies change, relationships and careers change.

Let’s do this together, I’m not going to air out my dirty laundry, but I will share with you!

I’ll be very transparent, sometimes I have my moments that I body shame myself. I have not snapped back after having children, I’ve tried weight loss routines, I’ve eaten the wrong things, then been hard on myself for my choices and when my cycle comes on I’m a mess!!!!!

When I have those private moments journaling and mind dumping is so helpful! After mind dumping, it helps draw me back to reality and show me how dope I am, as a mother, wife and as an adult Woman and to give myself GRACE! Motherhood is a lifestyle that you have to maintain!

Mind dumping is when you ask yourself those hard and true questions, answering them honestly, reflecting and changing how you view yourself. It’s a moment to be your own best friend and your own hype woman at the same time.

Often times we get so caught up in our head that we self sabotage before we give ourselves grace. I’ve heard this before “I’m too old to go back to school”, or “I can’t wear that I’m too fat”, I’ve even heard “I stay in my box because that’s my safe zone”. That’s fear! Afraid to love yourself and push your own limits!

Sorry Booboo in life, it’s about challenging yourself and pushing yourself to different levels! That’s why mind dumping is important! It’s important to dump negative feelings and thoughts, understand the thoughts behind the negative feelings, reflect, work on a plan to change the negative thoughts with the ending goal to be positive and come out feeling and understanding yourself a lot better!

Each week this month will be a new set of mind dumping prompts to write in your journal. I’ll choose one prompt to share with you weekly.

I have accumulated various topics related to different areas in motherhood and in life that will make your overall mental state change for the better! Mind dumping! Dump the negative thoughts!

I’m not only excited for me, but for you as well!!

Make sure to come back each week!

If you would like to be open in a safe space with like minded mothers, comment below, or a 💖 with the prompt title.

If you have not joined my email list, please do so. This self love: mind dumping series is another layer to peel during your self love journey. The Ladies on my email list will get entered first! You are a step ahead by subscribing!

Graciously Signed A Mommy’s Corner

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