MoMentum Con- "Surviving and Thriving"

Raleigh, NC

On Saturday I had the pleasure of covering an all-day conference that highlighted a different view on surviving and thriving in Motherhood. The hostess Rika at getredifined put together a wonderful, empowering and encouraging event that allowed women with a common interest of motherhood share their stories and experiences as mothers.

MoMentum was just that, Women are keeping the momentum going in their lives while having a family and a career. Rika and Autumn Joi from Raleigh-Durham’s K.97.5, our local radio station touched on How to Deal With Dating, Managing Blended Families, Mommy Shaming and Guilt, Organization and Prioritization, Mommy Health, FitMOM tips, ways to Discipline, and bringing awareness to premature births and Healthcare for Black Women, and giving inspiration by covering Millennial Mom'n, Self Care, Mompreneur tips. As a result of having such a wonderful group of Women the conversations made you laugh and think outside of your everyday bubble.

My experience was nothing short of amazing! The conference felt like a Women’s Empowerment event in a smaller intimate setting. There were two breakout sessions for the women to attend depending on their personal goals, rather it’s to manage your home or how to grow your business. There was an area for massages, the venders had a good mix of products, from natural bug spray, homemade art décor, various clothing boutiques and my favorite thing in world, glasses and mugs with quotes on them! Just remember if you ever attend this MoMentum Conference, a daily budget is recommended. In addition to the wonderful décor she also provided lunch to her guest. Now how often will someone provide a meal, and you walk away feeling renewed with encouragement? Maybe nowhere other than MoMentum Conference.

The best part about supporting this Mommy on a Grind was that I was able to see how much she inspired the women in the audience. One woman that I spoke with loved her energy and decided to help by volunteering her time and another woman said she wanted to use this opportunity to make connections with other women to help her vision be fulfilled. There were so many smiles, pictures being taken, connections being made all while wearing high heels and lip stick, or lip gloss and lashes!

My take away from my experience is to keep going, with the Momentum that is within yourself. There will be scarifies that you will overcome but remember you can “chase your dreams and chase your kids”- Rika

If you heard about this event but did not attend, please make sure you attend the 2020 MoMentum Con Conference. If you didn’t attend because of the distance, I’m here to let you know there were ladies that traveled from New Jersey, Atlanta, including an hour away drive for this event!

I didn’t know what to expect when I requested my Media Pass, but I can confirm this was a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally and I recommend you attend with a plus one next time!

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