Motherhood...It’s a lifestyle but it’s not all of you!

March is almost over, and there is one more thing that I want to make perfectly clear!’s a lifestyle

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Motherhood is loving, overwhelming, scary but yet so rewarding.

Keep this in mind, before motherhood, there was you! Don’t loose yourself in motherhood, love yourself, don’t allow the demands of motherhood to overwhelm you, be brave and enjoy the wonderful times with your self!

Make sure you are loving yourself to know when enough is enough, it’s ok to have yes moments and moments to yourself to deal with your own shit as a woman, life is not over when motherhood begins.

With that, I’m going to leave you with a few more writing prompts with Self Love in mind.

What will you stop doing to ensure you love yourself more?

What will you start doing to love yourself?

What will you continue to do to love yourself?

To show myself more self love, I will stop filling my days with so much “stuff” and focus more on preparing for each that, resulting in more down time throughout the week causing me to be too exhausted for self care time.

I will start creating a needs vs wants list, treat myself more often to things I need to do and things I want to do for myself as woman.

I will continue to mind dumping, I will continue to treat myself with grace, appreciate the changes the body has encountered, and continue to organize and de clutter the spaces around me!

The winner for March’s giveaway will be announced today! I hope you have subscribed and followed me on ig to see who the winner is!

If you are enjoying these self love series, make sure to comment and add what you will stop, start and continue doing to self love yourself!

Continue to mind dump, thing about yourself and do things that make you happy!’s a lifestyle, you must maintain it!

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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