Note to Self, the next decade to come

Hey Girl Hey!

As I write myself this letter to my future self for the next decade, first I need to acknowledge the growth in us from the past ten years!

I can rightfully so say, we might’ve been a H.A.M! However, I must say we have done some major changes! Go US! *praise break*

When I was in college, I made a ten-year plan that included marrying an attorney, two children, big house, a corporate job working in NEW YORK in an office in a sky rise building in a corner office looking out into the city! Just rolling in dough!

Well our life didn’t go as planned and I was mad, confused, sad, depressed, questioned Gods plan!

Hindsight, I needed to work on us, and no one could help us with the broken things inside of us but us! I will say that’s what I’ve done over the past ten years! Worked on myself from the inside out!

Here we are ten years later, a grown ass Woman, with a different kind of confidence, a faithful marriage, three girls, a career that we built alone. We are much happier and healthier within our well-being; we have accepted and are at peace with our decisions almost at the level of having no regrets in life! We are still Learning life and what it really means to create your own life, we are encouraged and excited about the next ten years and looking forward to reflecting again!

Self, we will be in our forty’s! 🤦🏾‍♀️ can you imagine? Heck No! And the girls we be 21 and 14! WTH!!!

Holy Molly we will be transitioning into high school and College with the next ten years! Unless there’s another baby thrown in the mix! 😉

From then until know I have learned how to care for us, trust us, open our mind to new things and experiences, meaning in the next years to come we continue to improve our well-being, continue to evolve, set new goals and accomplish them, continue to show the girls what self-care means, show what giving back means and show them what breaking generational curses look like! -Amen

Self, I would say let’s make a 10 ten-year plan, yea right! We know things will not happen that way! But what we will do is make milestone changes each year and accomplish a few goals so when 2030 comes we can look back at our greatness again!

Girlfriend, we have some major things to accomplish and I’m excited to be going into this next decade with you, a stronger, wiser, patient, curious, persistent and genuine women!

Let’s get ready for new adventures, new challenges, and creating new memories, 2020 better get ready for this level up!

I love you! 💕

Yours truly,

Audra Walker!


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