Our Family New Year Tradition

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

The past five years my husband and I plan local staycations to reflect on the past year and welcome the New Year with new goals.

This year we officially made this our "Family Tradition", this man went so far as to say, "when the girls get older and they are in town, we will still be doing this and our grandkids will be staying with us". Talking about planning ahead...geesh!

Our staycations involve searching for hotels with an inside pool for the girls, making reservations at a "fancy" steakhouse and handwriting our goals on a piece of paper for the following year. Although, I must say I didn't spear head any of the events this time... maybe that's why "He" declared it as a family tradition! Go figures right!

This year we made reservations at Courtyard by Marriott in Raleigh, NC. The location was great, the room accommodations and the guest services was immaculate. I love to do reviews and this place earned Five Stars because I didn't find one thing to complain about, and they even send you text messages to ensure that you are having a nice stay with them. I have visited so many different hotels and I have not experience that before, very accommodating! I think that put the extra sauce on their ratings.

Typically, we stay for a few nights, the first night we have a kid free environment to hang out and enjoy one another's company, the second night the girls join us, and we go out for dinner. New Year's Day dinner was at Fleming, nice quiet vibe, not a setting for a three year old who likes to scream at the top of her lungs.

Did you cringe at the thought of taking a three year old into a setting like Flemings or Ruth Chris? Yes, Me too! There was a lot of prep talking and negotiation.

However, this SuperMom was able to pull it off! The timing was perfect, as soon as she started getting ancy, it was desert time! That ice cream "to go" sealed the deal and we left having a tantrum free meltdown! I was so happy and excited for Abby. My oldest daughter is so laid back that I had to keep asking her was she ok.

On our last day, I requested for a late check out, so the girls could get in the pool and I wouldn't have to rush getting everyone ready to leave by noon. The excitement with the word pool made them move so fast. Any other time it's like dealing with sloths in the house! Anyhow, we stayed in the pool for an hour, just long enough for them not to pout when I say its time to get out. We laughed, played water games, and they smiled from ear to ear! My job was done! Then it was back to reality, packing, and herding the family like a pack of sheep out of the door! I am looking forward to next year. I wonder where we will end up next year?

What a wonderful and relaxing way to enter the New Year!

Do you have any family traditions that your family does for the New Year? Share them with me! I'd like to know how other families bring in their New Year!

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