Slow Down, It's a Journey

If someone said slow down, would you look at them crazy? Who has time to slow down?

I thought I was living my best life until a doctor said your blood pressure is high, you need to slow down and get it under better control.

I thought to myself slow the hell down! How the hell do I slow down? What does slowing down look like? Omg! My life is falling apart because I need to “slow down” complete panic mode!

Most importantly what does slow down even look like? It was a very vague response to someone like me that doesn’t know what moving slow looks like.

Then, yet again, my mind went drifting into all scenarios trying to understand her true meaning of slow down. At the end of our conversation I just simply asked. What do you mean by slow down?

The response was so elegant and simple, slow down on your food choices, slow your busy life down, slow down for yourself! You have to start with you then the rest of your family.

Lord why did she say that! Was I dying?

I had a come to Jesus moment with myself, Yes, Audra you are, if you don’t put more effort into loving yourself you are killing yourself, you are killing yourself from the inside out!

After pondering the conversation with my doctor, I sat on the couch I love myself for who I am or do I love myself unconditionally to treat myself better? The obvious answer was, you need to be more intentional about loving yourself!

At this moment we are witnessing a birthing phase for My Self Love Journey, and if you are reading this, you need to love yourself better as well. This is our self-love journey, I say ours because you are here with me, we will become more intentional about our a healthier lifestyle.

We are entering a Self Love Journey: Weight loss mini session.

Each week we will be more intentional about our food choices, the exercise of choice- long as you are moving your body; dancing, strength training, and creating the time dedicated to ourselves.

If you’re ready to start your self love journey make sure to comment below with a heart and follow my Instagram as we take this journey together!

-Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner


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