Social Distance Self Care

How can I care for myself during Coronavirus social isolation? Everything that you think you knew about creating time for self care, throw that out the window. NOW! Social distance and Coronavirus isolation is our new reality but we can’t forget about self care while being quarantined. Accepting our new reality is the first step in our self care regime. My acceptance came in waves, first school was closed, my job wasn’t closed, then the gym closed. I thought my life was over! Once I accepted the changes and accepted the fact that the girls will need me more than before, I knew I needed to find my place in this reality.

What are you doing for self care in the house? Before “Rona”, my self care days were mostly on Saturdays. I would go to the gym, go to the store and nap. Well now, I’ve been using my Cricut machine creating new projects and taking longer baths with my peppermint essential oils infuser, taking the time to really relax, think and plan. I’ve been staying away from all the Coronavirus updates! I listen to important updates but I don’t have my notifications on that updates me all the time. Pinterest and YouTube has been so self satisfying! Seeking and learning something new is my thing, rather it’s a new crafting project, looking at organizing all tips or trying new recipes. I’ve found joy in trying new crafts and recipes. Now is the time to try new things that you haven’t been able to do or try something you’ve never tried before. How have I remained self care time with kids in the house? There’s always a reason to my madness! I have kept the girls so busy during the week so I can have guilt free Saturday’s. I’ve kept Saturday’s as free days. Unlimited time on iPad, phone, tv, etc. I’ve always used Saturday’s as a day that I don’t bother them with strict time schedules, its their self care Saturday as well, a day to unwind. While they are entertaining themselves I have time to work on my crafting projects, look at the new pins that are saved, and search new YouTube videos related to my projects without the girls breathing down my back or trying to have a yelling match with each other. During the week, the kids are in the bed by 10, I still have to work remember? They don’t have to be asleep but their feet may not touch the floor! This is my quiet time. I also unplug and watch Netflix. I fall asleep on whatever I’m watching, but I’m also not running around with the kids late night. Relaxing in the bed with my fuzzy blanket!

What else can I do for self care? Have you ever wanted to learn how to beat your face to the Gawd’ you have the time!

Have you ever wanted to get any makeup technique perfect? contour and highlighting? YouTube and time is there to be used as a benefit of self care!

Wanted to try a new hairstyle? Try it!

You want to declutter a closet or two? Bam here you go! Nothing but time!

Have you joined any of the DJ quarantine parties on IG live? Please join the next one, I had the best dance parties with my girls!

Do you want to finish a book that you haven’t been able to finish with your favorite drink and fuzzy socks? Put the kids to bed and relax or wake up early to have your self care time alone!

Let’s not forget about our fitness goals! This shall pass, don’t get caught out here with the quarantined body! I’m just joking! If you needed to jump start a fitness routine, start now while you have the time!

Why is self care important? We have had to alter and make quick adjustments for our families, we entered flight or fight mode really quickly without thinking about ourselves. This is perfectly fine, that’s what we do! However, if we don’t find joy during this time, our children will feel it the most! Self care quarantine is just important as any self care time. Don’t forget about YOU. How are you coping during Covid-19? What are you doing to stay stain and bust up your self care regimen? We have a while to go! I might might need to another self care list in a few weeks!

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