There’s Benefits to This!

Motherhood is intense!

There’s no sugar coating that!

However, you are just as important!

Let me get into why you should have guilt free moments for yourself and you’ll understand why leaving the children at home is going to be ok or why looking forward to bed time isn’t a bad thing!

What no one tell you is how to recharge to maintain that momentum to be superwoman or be the dopest mommy you want to be. You can maintain self care moments and still be the dopest mommy and lady of the house! However you have to learn how to reap the benefits of everything you do!

One day I was folding laundry and my daughter being her normal baby self unfolded my laundry. I lost it, I started crying, like an ugly crying in the middle of the living room floor. Only because I was so worked up and didn’t know how to relax or enjoy my journey in motherhood!

As my journey became more complex I had to learn how to say I need help. I need a nap. I’m not cooking a five course meal in the middle of the week and I want to go to the store alone. I felt like I needed to do everything or I was failing! I was oblivious to how to manage myself as well as the house.

Now a days there’s so many new options for convenience that helps us out, which I hope you are using them to your advantage like Hello Fresh, Online grocery shopping, Uber eats, etc it doesn’t work for me because I’m very particular.

I know a Mommy who sits in her bed on Thursday’s with a glass of wine and makes her grocery order to be ready for pick up after work on Friday. I know another Mommy who orders Panera Bread on Saturday mornings!

Mommy, create a system that works for you in whatever area you need help to create more time for you!

We have to wear so many hats that you have to be your own advocate and speak up or create systems that works best for you. I also had to learn this, but not until recently I realized how to maximize my strengths! There’s a learning phase! I hate grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. It feels like it takes my whole day! I needed a way out, I created a grocery system.

I usually make a grocery meal list for the weekend on Wednesday or Thursday, each meal is planned out from breakfast, lunch and dinner and I shop according to my list on Friday’s. I have a plan that I stick to and this also helps minimizing extra things in the cart! It’s a walk in and out without the kids and I’m grocery store free on Saturdays. This is also my time to take a moment to unwind from the week and read magazines on stands! Don’t judge me!

Creating systems in my house has been a huge help! I felt like I was on auto pilot, same thing over and over, nothing to look forward to. I wasn’t thinking about myself. Let’s just say I had to find my balance and find the benefit! I’ve never been a planner or an organizer. Not now! I plan just about everything down to the minute! I can physically see my free time in the horizons!

The systems that I have created in my house allows me the time to freely plan an outing for myself, guilt free. I can freely roam the stores, freely book beauty treatments, or enjoy a movie.

Whatever you choose to do during your free time is up to you because there are benefits to this thing called Motherhood! You just need to apply these benefits when necessary.

It’s that feeling of “work hard, play harder”.

Have some time for yourself, don’t take naps for granted!

Whenever you leave the house to do something fun for yourself, trust me the children at home will love you more as a happy, relaxed mommy! Your partner will appreciate it too!

Create a system for yourself: a laundry system, a cleaning system, or even a weekly dinner menu. Try it for a month! 30 day free trial! You’ll realize the difference!

As a benefit of motherhood, planning, and all of the other amazing things you do, make a facial appointment next week, make a pedicure appointment, plan a crockpot meal.

All of the planning and systems for your house will help you have guilt free self care mommy moment(s)

Motherhood is a lifestyle that we have to adjust to, including making adjustments to care for yourself!

Mommy, your awesome! You’re the best at what you do! You need time as well! Schedule MTO Mommy Time off! If you have PTO and mental days off at work, guess what! Mommy’s need time off too! I have gotten my kids to school and laid on the couch! I’ve told my husband I’m working all day but I worked half a day for a day for myself! Sshhhh! Don’t tell my secret!

Remember, motherhood is a journey and you must take a break along the way.

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