This ani't no perfect love story, but it’s our love story!

Who wants that perfect love story anyway, anyway?

Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché

Who wants that hero love that saves the day, anyway?

Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché

What about the bad guy goes good, yeah?

An innocent love I'm misunderstood, yeah?

Black hour glass, our glass

Toast to clichés in a dark past

Toast to clichés in a dark past

Part II (On The Run) Lyrics

This ani't no perfect love story, but it’s out love story!

I wasn’t the little girl who planned out her wedding nor her ring, nor wrote out a long list of the qualities my husband needed. But I did know my husband wasn’t going to be from North Carolina, I wanted him to come from a huge family and be a gentleman to the women in his life. Ironically, I hit that on the head! He’s from a family that Big Momma had eleven children, so just image how many cousins there are! Let’s just say it’s never a dull moment at Fourth of July cookouts when we visit his family in NY. I guess I did have a few preferences.

True and funny story! When I met my husband while hanging out with the girls, don’t judge me, I told him my name was Amiee. Why that name? I really can't tell you logic behind that name. Amiee had a whole lifestyle lie, she I didn’t live locally, she visited her college friend frequently and some other stuff I don’t remember. Remember I said don’t judge me. Well I kept this lie for a good six months. While it was hard as hell to keep this lie going, because he lived in a complex right next to my friend who I visited all the time and I really lived not far from him, meaning that I passed him at any moment, I kept this lie going until my " feel you out" period was over.

Anyhow, during these six months we developed a platonic friendship, no “hey big text” no “can I come over”, just casual talking because I didn’t live in the area, remember!

As time went on “if I was in the area” I would text him and tell him I was in the area hanging with some friends sometimes we would meet up and sometimes we didn’t.

There were times we didn’t talk, then there were times we talked for hours in a day. One day he asked me to meet him at McDonals. Oh Lord the girls had a fit!!!! I kept telling them it wasn’t a date. He had a moment to pause and asked me to visit him. I agreed to meet him because I wasn’t busy, and it was not a date. Luckily, I was looking decent and we went the movies!

As time went on, we started dating more and I had to come clean. I told him my name because he said he had been trying to find me on Facebook! One, my account was hidden and two, Amiee wasn’t my name! Once I explained my reasoning then he understood. From then, things started to get more serious. I think this was my first serious and stern conversation with him about our likes and dislikes before we became exclusive.

During our exclusive phase we traveled, experienced places and things that we never, introduced new things to each other, we experienced our mid 20’s with each other.

I wasn’t expecting it, nor did I have an idea that he was going to ask me to marry him when and how he did. To this day we laugh about it.

We have now been married for five years, which doesn’t seem that long. It’s like there are levels, each year gets better and better. We are still teaching each other as we mature together and as our wants and desires change individually and as a family.

There are sometimes that I still get butterflies in my stomach and there are other times that I ask myself “what in the hell did I agree too”. The wonderful things about marriage makes me appreciate my husband more than anything!

Being married for five years has taught me many things about myself and my strengths, he’s help build this wiser, thought provoking woman on a mission today, he lets me know when I’m wrong, when I shouldn’t let things kill my vibe and gives me light to fire when I’m dragging my feet. We have built a family bond for our three girls that we didn’t have as children and we have been able to create goals individually and as a couple for our future. We are family goals, black love and millennial couples’ hashtags. And for that I’m grateful that I have a friend in my husband!

As we celebrate our marriage anniversary in this busy month of May, we kept things simple. We went to dinner and enjoyed ourselves for the evening. How much fun do you expect to have during the week, and having children nearby lurking? I also had to present a training the next day, so I was ready for bed!

Luckily, we booked a couple’s trip in February to ensure we actually had the time to enjoy and celebrate our years of marriage. I look forward to our small getaway to enjoy our wedding anniversary and be a couple for the weekend without the girls!

Five years: 60 months, 260 weeks, or 1,825 days, but who’s counting anyway???

I would like to know long you’ve been with your significant other and how do you usually celebrate?

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