Ultimate Mommy Bounce Back

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Who is not worn down with virtual school, wearing mask daily, trying to keep the kids busy, keeping the house functioning while still trying to ensure you look well put together? I needed an ultimate Mommy bounce back moment.

I will be the first to admit I needed an ultimate mental health week! I knew I needed a break, my body needed a break and my mental space need a break! I needed self care time! When most business were closed I was at work working profusely as emailed came in daily, regulations changed by the moment while worrying if my position would be eliminated or furloughed.

I scheduled time off from work while the girls were tracked out of school with the intentions to have fun stuff for us to do while school was out. However, my body said No! Let’s take this time to rest! I kept it low key, we did fun stuff during our staycation.

I listened to my body, we didn’t have time schedules, we went with flow, I was able to get the house in order, I took my time doing everyone’s hair...let me give you some insight...everyone in the house has natural hair and my husband has locks....yes hair day is impossible, it takes dayssss to get everyone’s hair done! Laundry caught up with a system in place, and my closet is somewhat organized.

During my week off, things that I can’t do during a work week was done. I thought about myself. I listened to a few podcast, I made a few errands without the family that I typically can not do, wrote in my journal, jumpstarted back into a fitness regimen and I actually had time to spend quality time with each person in my house individually, rather than during our normal routined daily events.

What I noticed during my time off is I take myself for granted. I’m consistently making myself available for everyone else and everything else, that I don’t have the energy for myself. Functioning on Autopilot.

If I have to take care of everyone else, who takes of me? That’s a statement that ran through my head as guilt tried to creep up and take over.

Taking time off from work is highly recommended, depending on your lifestyle taking a whole week maybe impossible, however I recommend taking at least three consecutive days not including a Monday or a Friday to check yourself and make yourself a priority.

Whenever you schedule your mental health days, do not schedule them around events, do not schedule them when you are expecting guest and protect your days off. I told my husband weeks in advance when I was off so when that time came he kinda forgot. If you remind people when you are off they tend to find something to keep you busy.

Not this time! It was about me!

What was the outcome of taking this time off? I had more than a Saturday to regroup, recharge and hit the reset button. I feel energized, the autopilot fog is gone and I realize it’s ok not to pack my days, weeks and months without taking a step back to breath for a moment.

Motherhood...it’s a lifestyle, the life you create for yourself for everyone else.

Now I challenge you to plan your ultimate mommy bounce back, this will be your ultimate self care time: putting your mental state first. If you are on social media use this hashtags

#amommyscorner #mommysbouncebackmoment or tag me.

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