What are the Benefits in Mommy Self Care?

This past week I was determined to set the tone for self care to reflect on my “why’s”…why am I’m so tired, why am I so annoyed and why I’m always feeling like I don’t have any time for myself.

There were a few things I did over the week to help release some stress and have time for myself, simple things that didn’t cost a dime.

- Woke up intentionally each morning to either do a load of laundry, take my time getting dressed, leaving time for any melt downs that could occur.

-Stayed up late, past my bedtime- I got the girls in bed then I had time to unwind from my day before going straight to sleep. I could clean the kitchen, pack lunches, have a conversation with my husband and plan for the next day

-Planned my week ahead- I knew what my week looked like ahead of time so I could plan how I would get everything done. This is very important for me because I’m usually going with the flow, figuring it out along the way which results me to rushing and being frustrated.

-Journaling- remember as a little girl you had your diary? Well guess what I still have mine! I was able to write and release some things that needed to said but not shared.

-I created a yes environment for the children with limitations of course. Bed time is when all last minute things are trying to get done. I have my oldest daughter get prepared at night, we’ll of course “she forgot”, so instead of yelling and fussing I woke her up earlier the next day to do it!

- I unplugged from the tv. My husband and I usually watch all of the ratchet tv shows, I opted out of it. Not because of quality time, I just didn’t want to be bother with someone else’s drama, not even for entertainment. I needed peace

By doing all of these things I found time for me! I found my week to be planned and pleasant. Of course there was a day I over slept and I felt the stress of it, but over all my self care was purposeful and intentional.

The benefits to intentional self care strategies:

1)Have more peaceNot feeling stressed Loosing weight (I lost 5pound)

2)Others can feel your energy and good vibes

3)Things that ordinarily would send you to have a drink, you are able to laugh at it.

3) You feel unstoppable

4) Well rested Your tolerance level is higher-( I was patience with my family, less meltdown and moody preteen)

5)Your family will be calmer, more cooperative Learn how to value yourself!

Save yourself from feeling “burnt out” or “over worked” as a mommy, a working professional , a wife, a person that always give!

Start your self care regime now!

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