What does self care mean to you?

My experience at the Beatless Meetup Tour in New Hill, NC was astonishing! First, let me say the thought of being out the house for an event without make up made me more nervous than being in an interview! Whether you choose to go alone or with a group of girlfriends you have guaranteed to have a great time. The location and setup of the event allowed everyone to find some form of self care. Whether it be admiring the decor in the beautiful Bradford House or speaking with several vendors that support women. The layout of the house complimented the events in the house. You are greeted with a nice glass for a sip and see paired with a variety of vendors from self care to beauty. The second floor was focused on manicures and the third floor were esthetician’s giving facials and eyebrow consultations.

The Prevailing Woman is a multigenerational magazine; therefore, the panelist was a great representation of women who represented a variety of age, professions and passion projects. The highlight for me was that I could relate to the mother panelists. Having a balanced group like that made Girl Talk more enlightening, powerful, motivating and encouraging.

While listening to the responses to the following questions: "How do you define self-care?”, “How has the role of women in the home changed?" and "What do you do to practice self-care?" made me reflect on myself. Kelsey Hardgrove a psychotherapist said "Saying No, being decisive, and your needs will be different on different days" which is so true! Some days laying on the couch is what I need to gather my thoughts or telling my husband I am not cooking a full hot breakfast on a Saturday morning because I rather get declutter the closet is ok. I am clearing my space for me, for me to function better. Kim the Realtor, spoke on how laughing and supporting other positive women is self-gratifying. Ms. Gloria, a guest speaker spoke about how the dynamic of her marriage has worked so well for 38 years. There were also real conversations like "focus on your purpose not prosperity" stated by a faith based Life coach and author, Jena Janse when asked "What was one practical advice you wish you would have known at the beginning of your career?".

When thinking about your overall well being at home, work, and social settings it’s your responsibility to seek what makes you happy and what brings peace of mind. I suggest you visit this Tour in a city closest to you if you’re looking to have a relaxing, girls’ night in your pjs! I was so relaxed that I thought I needed to clean my face before bed as if I had been out at a social event with makeup on! There was laughter, thought provoking remarks and career connections established! The great thing about this tour is there are different panelists who will offer experiences that you are able to connect. As I reflected on the night going home, I thought about how would I practice self care more frequently as a working mother.

I am going to leave you with two questions for you to reflect on when making the decision about self-care. When will you realize that you deserve to care for self and how will you practice self-care?

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