What is GIL? Gender Inclusive Language.

Hey Mommy’s! What if there was another thing that you should prepare your children for in school? Would you be on board?

Well guess what there is! Gender inclusive language!

Teaching middle school and high school children about diversity and inclusion will be a necessary life hack! The more you expose to your children at home the better their social interactions will be as they mature.

As our world become more acceptance to the changes of gender orientation besides the usual binary terms, it’s our duty as parents to make sure our children are aware, knowledgeable and understanding that it is ok to be different from their peers but also set boundaries with those same peers.

Ever since my girls were small, I talk with them to give them inside to anything that could be different, therefore, I thought I had dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s when I had a middle school conversation with my daughter. I had no idea that I should have addressed non-binary language with her.

When My Best Friend sent me an article who works as a Public School Administrator in DMV.

My mind started turning, thinking about how children are bullied because they ”different” or using inappropriate language suck as “gay”, and how could I incorporate awareness conversations.

This article goes into detail how people, including young teens removed their gender specifications, replaced them with other pronouns such as “They”, “Them”, and “people” or “person”.

Seems derogatory right, but it’s not, it’s the language they preferred to be called. In the workplace, the gender inclusive language is “Zi” and “Zirs” for Mr. and Mrs.. If you have not had this training at work, be on the lookout for it.

As my preteen becomes more interested in the normal preteen/teenage hormone curiosities, that’s when we will drive deeper into inappropriate sexual advances from all sexual orientations. Having the conversation right now is not age or developmental appropriate just from daily conversations with her and her behaviors. However, when I began to see a difference in her behaviors and changes in her conversations we will have an open dialogue about inclusion, diversity and gender inclusive language.

If you have a preteen or a teenager, I highly suggest having a gender inclusive language conversation alone with the sex talk. You don’t have to agree with it, but making them confident young ladies and gentlemen in their own sexual orientation will make the conversation easier and that will also lessen the chances of being bullied or peer pressured into experimenting with any sexual activity before they ”think” their ready with anyone.

Be ahead of the curve, home is the first learning environment for all young people.

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