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As mother's, we often put ourselves last thinking we must do everything, or we are failing in our roles as a mother. Slowly, I have evolved from that point of thinking and I am beginning to feel more like myself which includes the role as a mother and wife, verses being a mother and wife and neglecting myself. It was instilled in me that my girls should go everywhere I go, and that's exactly what happened. Target runs, they were with me, nail appointments they were with me, hell, even in the bathroom they were with me. I didn't have time to think, there was no pause button. Whereas I would look at my husband in fiery because it felt like he was free to move at any time. That's when my self-care bulb turned on, instead I called it "me time".

I started thinking about myself and what I wanted to do to make myself feel good and feel happy. I started taking small visits to the store alone, I told my husband I am not cooking every night, I started hanging with my college friends more often and meeting up with coworkers for game night. I explained to my husband that I really appreciated his kind gestures as his wife, but I needed time to myself, time to gather my thoughts.

Mommy guilt set in a few times, but I had to get over that as well. I needed to get over it because I had a deep desire that my life expanded beyond cooking, cleaning, nursing, homework and story time.

I am such an advocate of self-care nowadays for mothers! I felt burned out, a feeling that I would closely relate to postpartum depression. It took me a while to overcome that feeling. I stopped running myself thin by trying to do everything and nothing for myself. Caring for yourself is just as important as setting a routine for the children or paying bills! Take some time for self!

With that being said, I am super excited to cover my first self-care event as a blogger at the

"Beatless Meetup Tour" this Saturday that focuses on self-care.

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