What's the best equipment for weight loss? Gadget and gears oh my!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When you are expecting, your pregnancy moves so slow until you can see the baby bump. You don’t get discouraged, your love for your baby deepens, the weeks go by in slow motion, while you are doing everything to remain healthy and watch your baby bump grow.

I'm here to tell you, you are in the same stage of waiting to see the results during your weight loss journey! All the hard work you’re putting into weight loss, don’t give up because you don’t physically see a change. Keep loving yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Did you read books, listen to advice from other mothers? Did you go window shopping for clothes or products that you wanted for your baby?

During your self-love journey in weight loss there’s no difference, find a good book to read, it can be related to weight loss, a new recipe to try or an unrelated book. Find yourself some new food containers, a new water bottle, hell even a new yoga mat!

Baby gadgets and baby gear are so fun to look for, the different food purée machines, the best bottles, or even the highly recommended diaper bag are all items that made you excited during your pregnancy. Purchasing gadgets and gears for weight loss will also give you the same excitement, but differently!!!! However, this time when you are looking for the best sports bra, or the cutest weight loss gadgets and gears will be for you! Get it? It will be for YOU! Enjoy YOURSELF!

I’ve brought new clothes, am I at my weight goal, hell no but I feel pretty! I have new storage containers for my work lunches, so guess who’s excited to use the containers? Me! This is what is keeping me going and feeling excited. I’m cute and prepared! What a great feeling!

I need help, do you have suggestions on where to find comfortable sports bras? Or good running shoes, or even the place to find cute workout clothes.

*Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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