Why am I not making progress that I can see? Help me understand.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Today was the day I wanted to beat myself down because I had two cookies which threw my weight watcher (WW) tracker off. In my mind, I was going to gain 5 lbs!

This week is hard for me! Week number three is always hard! Staying balanced takes a lot of energy and thought process to be successful. Therefore when my efforts with meal planning and exercise do not match my vision in my head, with the combination of going off my weight watcher food tracker, I feel defeated.

This is a reoccurring experience for me. If and when you are on a weight loss regimen the results aren’t coming fast enough, I have given up before and I am sure you have too. You’re putting in so much work and you can’t see or feel the efforts that you’re putting towards making progress. This feeling is natural, and it will naturally go away if you keep going!

Don’t allow this week or next week to overcome you! You had one bad day,

Let’s get this right, you had a choice to make, you wanted to enjoy that pizza or those fries, and in my case cookies.

Here’s a rule of thumb, always enjoy your “cheat foods” in smaller quantities than before. Instead of a pan pizza get a thin crust pizza, instead of medium fries, get a small fry, portion control is also another hidden gem, that you must master.

Creating a balance is just as important as meal prepping. Having a good balance allows the needed space to have foods in moderation and avoid the feeling that you have done something wrong with your food choices! It’s not the end of your self-love journey, it’s apart of your journey!

Our Self Love journey is also a learning journey. You have to learn what works for you and what will not work for you. Balance helps you learn your limitations. That's another hidden gem for you! It's all about balance!

This week work on developing a sense of control and balance, if your goal this week is to have one less soda or one less order of fries, you are making one more positive choice to get you to your goal. If walking or jogging for 3 miles is your goal, each stride you take is the perfect balance to the portion control with your foods.

If you want to comment below to share what you’re struggling with this week, please do so, I’m sure someone has the same feeling as you!

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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