Why should I Mind Dump?

Working on self love is dealing with ourselves in the most difficult places in the most difficult times in our lives but also overcoming the hard shit to love even deeper, ourselves that is!

By allowing yourself the time to think and reflect, allows us to learn and lean in our interactions and relationships with other people.

Have you thought about your relationship with yourself? How’s your self confidence? I’m not talking about your exterior self confidence, I mean your internal self confidence, self worth, self identify?

If you have body shamed yourself (can’t snap back after children, or your body doesn’t look the same after children), if you think negative about yourself aka mommy guilt or you just simply think you can’t do something out of your reach (don’t have time for self care or attend any self empowerment expo), guess what honey, it’s time to mind dump!

This week are three mind dumping topics. They are random but still fits into your realm of Motherhood.

When choosing a prompt think beyond surface level. This is a great example of self care!

What does a perfect date look like to me?

How can I meet my insecurities, mistakes and flaws with acceptance and love today and moving forth?

When was the last time you cleaned out your personal email inbox?

On the surface you’re thinking the prompts are so easy, but if you dig deeper I’m sure you’ll find some good use of these writing prompts.

When Mother’s Day or your birthday comes around and someone asks the infamous questions what do you want or what do you want to do. Guess what you have a plan by using prompt one. You can give it to your spouse or you take yourself out on a date! Hell, make it a girls not out!

The second prompt is LOADED! That is a mind dumping prompt for sure. Everyone has a past, everyone has learned something from every action and consequence in their lives, including small choices that you’ve made that changed your life forever! Let that sit, give it some time and address that thing!

Now the last one I’ll reflect on. When was the last you cleaned out your inbox.

I’ve had my gmail account since 2008. I deleted emails from time to time but I had to actually sit to clean out my inbox. I got up to 2017 then said the hell with this and created a new gmail account.

Looking over the emails received, sent and drafted gave me insight in various periods of life, including areas I had forgotten about.

I graduated from NCCU in 2008, there were resume emails, cold call emails, job posting emails, I literally was able to see how hard it was finding a job in 2008. Looking back I was pretty persistent not matter what the outcome was, job hunting was a job!

In 2011 something shifted, the emails told a different story, it seems as if I had matured. I was establishing myself, adulting.

It’s funny how they say pictures tell a 1,000 words, going back in time via email is like time traveling, you can recall events and places in your life during specific times in your life.

Reflecting back has increased my gratitude in my accomplishments, appreciate the decisions I’ve made thus far and thank Jesus for having grace over me!

Take a trip down memory lane to clean out some old emails. You know that feeling of purging or spring cleaning, that’s the feeling when you clean out your inbox, refreshed! I’m sure your inbox will appreciate it too!

Make sure to find a good place to journal, uninterrupted, with the end goal of feeling empty and ready to receive good vibes and creating new memories!

If you have a prompt you would like to share to have other women/mothers to weigh in on, email me...that email box is not full! Or leave a comment.

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Get on it Ladies!

Graciously signed A Mommy’s Corner

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